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How to modernize your bathroom

Your home is the one place you can feel free and relaxed and therefore, you want to make it the best in terms of comfort and visual appeal. There are many things you can do to modernize your house, but in this article, we will concentrate on the room that everyone uses at least twice or three times a day, and that is the bathroom. We use it to take care of business and also shower so let us see what one can do to make it better.

The fittings

Fittings are basically the sink, toilet, bathtub, taps, and showers. These are usedextensively each time someone goes into the bathroom. Depending on the space available, you should consider getting a complete set that matches in design and color. White has always been popular when it comes to selecting colors, but the designs have changed drastically. You can get bathtubs that shoot jets of water from all directions; you can get the Best rainfall shower head if you want to experience a great shower and you can even get sinks that are made of glass. In case your bathroom isn’t that big, you can consider a shower enclosure which can be purchased as one unit and installed into the room.




A bathroom should always be bright. In case it is against an external wall, consider having glass bricks as this will allow natural light to come into the bathroom. You can also have a window and a curtain or blinds a bit high up so you can let in more light during the day.

For night time and bathrooms that are located in the middle of the house, you can have a look at installing LED lighting. There are various colors, and styles that you can be creative with and make the room much brighter. A nice lamp shade placed in the corner of the room will make the bathroom look comfier and give additional light.


Many people ignore or forget about the floor in a bathroom. In case you have a reasonably sized room you can have the area that does not get wet with either carpeting or wood. You may need to get this done by a professional so that the finish is water proof.




For bigger bathrooms, you can consider having a chair in the bathroom in front of a large mirror which can be used to apply makeup or even shave,